May 16, 2014

Creation by Mimicry

I tried my hand at some animal silhouettes, again.
I made some before for a baby shower on wood rounds, (above)
but wondered if the idea would look better on a small scale.
The cheap wood doesn't have any character.
I'm considering painting a background color that pops, 
but I guess I should have done that first.
I don't love how they turned out, but Peter does.

I think that if silhouettes are done with precision and care
then they feel as if there is depth.
Here are some pieces that make me want to try again.

May 14, 2014

I told you, goat farming.

We all need a vacation, but often when we need it most, a week Puerto Vallarta
is just not going to happen! We are happy to introduce a new feature to get your brain humming
about different ways to escape the norm for an hour or a weekend get away! 


I am the best version of myself when the weather is hot.
As if being refined by fire.
This weeks weather has made me want to conquer the hills.

So I decided to take Peter for a hike.
It's been a couple years since I've hiked at the Shell Ridge Open Space,
but the last time we caught these tiny micro frogs.

Walnut Creek is so concrete and business oriented I often forget about the sprawling 
open space, even though Mt. Diablo can be seen from anywhere.
My plan to take Peter for a hike got even better 
when I read about Borges Ranch.

Honestly, my best hope was that we would see some
animals behind a fence and someone would try to give us a tour
Bruce, our self proclaimed tour guide.

Instead, we walked up to a farm, 
walked into the gate and hung out with the animals.
Goats, chicken, sheep, rabbits, pigs and pygmy goats. 
Inside jokes

Our friendly tour guide

"Mommy, Night night chicken."

He wanted to lay on the sheep, so badly.

I think I'll make this a semi-regular routine.
Especially paired with our 2 mile round trip hike where Peter 
gathered rocks, pinecones and tried to catch a lizard or two. 

Not only did Peter and I both absolutely love it, 
but he napped so well! 

Where do you go to escape the day-to-day?